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Friday, July 19, 2013

Kiwi Lane Design Templates

Scrolling through youtube one day, I found a company called Kiwi Lane Designs.  (KLD) They sell templates that help scrapbookers design their pages.  This is great for people who are visual like myself. They have 96+ youtube videos, and I'm bound and determined to watch them all before I go back to school in the fall.  Their layouts are so beautiful!  I especially like the way they teach scrappers how to choose the paper they are going to use.  This video will show you how to pick an assortment of patterns that will work well together.

These are some of the KLD templates that I own.  Of course, I want them all!  

The process of getting started on a page is really quite easy:
1.  Layer the templates on a page that you'd like to use. 
2.  Use the templates to cut matching patterns, and replace the templates on the page as you go along. 
3.  Ink the edges of the pattern pieces to give it a finished look.
4.  Adhere to the page.

This is my first layout using the KLD way.  (So don't be too hard 
on me :)

This way of scrapbooking has given me confidence in using bold patterns together that I wouldn't have had before.  It's also gotten me out of a scrapbooking lull, and I'm excited about putting some more pages together.  Thank you, KLD!!

Finding great tools like Kiwi Lane Desigsn makes me wonder what else I'm missing out in scrapbook land.  Do you have a favorite item that you like to use?  

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scrapsofmine said...

Great job on your first LO using the Kiwi templates! Be careful! As they are so addicting! LOL! Can't wait to see more of what you create. Happy Scrapping - Kiwi dt member, Leslie